Meredith Heil graduated from The New School’s Eugene Lang College in 2007 with a dual B.A. in Media & Cultural Studies and Creative Writing. She received a Masters Degree in Social Documentation from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2011. Meredith’s thesis film, WHISTLIN’ DIXIE, is a first-person look at queer music and community building in the American South. The 30 minute documentary went on to screen throughout the country and abroad. After a short stint at Indiana University’s Communications & Culture PhD program, she returned home to New York City to work as a freelance journalist and multimedia producer. 

Meredith currently works as a freelance writer and reporter specializing in all things food, drink, travel and culture. She was previously on staff at Tasting Table and Thrillist Media Group, and has been a regular contributor to Time Out New York, Lenny Letter, Brooklyn Magazine, BeerAdvocate, The L Magazine, The Hairpin and American Food Roots.

Meredith is also an event producer and an avid craft beer geek, heading up the blog Beerded Ladies and throwing beer-centric parties all over the city. She lives in Brooklyn.